The Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing

What is Dry Skin Brushing?

Dry skin brushing has been practised for many years, it is an ancient body cleansing technique. 

It is an effective method to help our body dispose of toxins. If stored for too long, toxins can lead to chronic inflammation or acute inflammatory states from which infections and diseases arise.

It is thought to provide numerous health advantages such as:

  • Enhancing the lymphatic system function : the lymph flows more efficiently and drains liquids, eliminating swelling and water retention.

  • Boosting blood circulation : the blood flow is enhanced in all the small vessels beneath all brushed areas. Your blood, along with oxygen and nutrients, is then flowing better to nearby tissues.

  • Helping digestion :  it fastened your metabolism and massaging the lymph nodes helps the body shed excess water and toxins, while reducing bloating.

  • Detoxing by getting rid of pollutants through the skin : not only it will exfoliate the skin but also improve its capacity to expel toxins through the pores. It clears out the clogged pores of your skin, which makes it easier for your body to sweat out toxins. 

  • Reducing cellulite : It acts on the lymphatic system by draining liquids, this drainage limits and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

  • Stimulating collagen production : it helps to thicken the skin and increases its elasticity. Therefore it lessens the appearance of fat cells  and helps lifting and toning a problem area.

  • Energising your body : It reinvigorates the nervous system by stimulating the nerve endings of the skin.

How to use a dry brush?

On a dry body, before the shower, apply a brush with medium-firm, natural fibre bristles in a specific pattern on your body:

Start by the sole of your feet and brush upwards, towards the heart. You want the strokes to be long. Insist on the stagnant areas, such as : the inner thighs, the backs of the arms, and the back area. A long-handled natural fibre brush to dry brush will enable you to reach more easily all the different parts of your body. After brushing your feet, legs, and midsection, move on to your arms. When brushing, move up and toward your armpits. Then brush your back and torso in a downward direction.

Avoid sensitive areas : where the skin is broken or if you have any rashes, wounds or cuts. It is ok to gently brush over spider veins or varicose. 

A cool or lukewarm water shower after dry brushing will help remove the dry skin cells and further enhance the benefits. Make sure of rinsing well your brush and let it dry in an open area.

After drying off, we would recommend moisturising with a natural plant oil such as coconut or sweet almond, aloe vera or shea butter as your brand new skin now deserves a good hydration.

How often should you dry brush?

Although dry body brushing is safe to do every day, it is not advised to do it more than once a week. It is enough to see results and feel the improvements. You don’t want to overdo it and irritate your skin.

Avoid dry brushing in the evening as it tends to have an energy boosting effect rather than a calming one.

Include dry brushing into your weekly routine to start feeling the difference.

Happy Brushing!

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