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Katia Manwaring - Herbalist & Naturopath
Katia made a new start to her career after becoming a mum of two little boys. Raised with naturopathic principles in France, natural health and wellbeing have always been at the heart of her living philosophy. She studied at the renowned College of Naturopathic Medicine in London where she got her Master Herbalist Diploma, post-graduate Iridology and Naturopath diplomas. Her training includes: Naturopathy, Herbal medicine, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic Nutrition, Bach flower remedies, Tissue salts, Detoxification, Water treatments and Iridology to name but a few.

Katia uses a naturopathic form of herbal medicine that combines herbs, nutrition and lifestyle advice. She takes a holistic approach using a range of diagnostic tools, including iridology to combine naturopathy with Ayurvedic and Western herbal medicine. She supports her clients back to optimal health and wellbeing by addressing the root causes rather than by simply managing symptoms.

Her practice has a strong emphasis on Women’s health & Family health.


The support I have received from Katia has been amazing. She listened to my issues and gave me simple but effective solutions and I feel much better because of it. I would recommend Katia at NL Naturopathy to anyone wishing to balance their hormones and improve their overall health and wellbeing!


Having suffered the dreaded menopausal symptoms I had a consultation with Katia. After a thorough investigation of my symptoms and triggers, I was prescribed lotion for a skin irritation and a tincture to return my body to a healthy balanced state. I can’t believe the improvement, I am thrilled with the results and life is more comfortable. I would recommend Katia and her professional approach as a centre of excellence for Naturopathy. With thanks.
As a working mum of two young boys, and dealing with grief, I was so exhausted when I went to see Katia. After one session with her, I was like a new woman. She is exceptionally talented and I highly recommend her.

I cannot recommend Katia more, I thought my hayfever was incurable and was very sceptical about a herbal remedy. After a consultation I was prescribed a tincture drink and eyewash produced by her. This combination taken throughout the hayfever season has totally irradicated my hay fever symptoms. Highly recommended.


After many years of sleeping problems, either getting to sleep or waking in the night, I asked Katia if she could help. I have found the herbal tincture that she supplied very helpful indeed and my sleep patterns are vastly improved. I have used it for quite a while now and have never experienced any negative side effects the next day. Thank you Katia!

I have struggled with a mystery illness for some 18 months or more. Symptoms included an annoying continuous cough and very water eyes. I had tried a multitude of treatments without continued success. Katia prepared a tincture for me that cured my cough within a week and reduced the wateriness in my eyes considerably. The improvements have continued for some months now. I highly recommend her practice.


I have had recurring heel pain which interrupted my sleep with its intensity ever since my first episode of plantar fasciitis. Normal painkiller didn’t help. Katia was recommended to me and after a consultation she made a painkilling oil to rub onto the painful area at night during flare ups. It kills the pain so that I get a good night’s sleep (and I love the smell!)! Thank you so much.


Our 2-year-old daughter had been sick since she started nursery at 10 months, there was never more than about a week before she had caught something new. We were constantly off work with her when she was really ill. Katia was a breath of fresh air, and she provided the sensible advice we needed when I had all but given up hope. Her advice was realistic, and the supplements didn’t require any obscure or expensive purchases. Katia answered follow-up questions and was always friendly to deal with. I could not recommend Katia more highly for sensible, attainable advice, that quite literally changed our lives. Thank you so much Katia, we feel very lucky to have found you!




Katia pinpointed the root cause of my health issues and she found the right herbal remedies for me. My daily life is so much improved as a result, it is life changing! I highly recommend her services.