Digestion / Gut Health

Are you struggling with digestive issues? From stomach cramps and acid reflux to inflammatory bowel disease, gut health can have serious implications for our overall wellbeing. Many health problems begin, or are exacerbated by whats going on in the gut. Natural remedies, a good diet, and healthy habits can help improve your digestion and your daily life.

Gut health is one of the most important aspect of overall wellness and good digestive function has a major impact on how we feel. With our busy lives it is often difficult to keep our digestion in top form due to not always making the right diet choices for our bodies, our stress levels or our lifestyle choices. Find out how herbal medicine and naturopathy can help you get relief from digestive problems and keep your gut healthy


Physical, mental and emotional stress can increase the production of stress hormones (such as adrenaline and cortisol) which disrupt digestion. This can lead to a compromised gut lining and poor digestive health. 


We all have unique nutritional needs and feeding the body with the “right food” for your body is crucial in achieving good digestive health. During your consultation at North London Naturopathy, we will go through all the body functions and your lifestyle & diet to find the root causes of your health issues. That will enable us to advice you on simple yet efficient ways to look after yourself by making little changes to your diet, going for the right food for your own body, maybe recommending some supplements to strengthen your microbiome or herbs to tackle specific issues your body might encounter. Everybody is unique and has a unique way to achieve optimal health.


Don’t forget that digestive health is also closely linked to the immune function, as nearly 70% of our entire immune system resides in the gut!


Start looking after your gut today.